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dry red nv R 55.00 R 660,00

Grappa 500mL*

Spirit triple distilled nv R 310,00 R 3720,00
Dr.Schumacher Green Label Potstill Brandy  3year R 210.00 R 2520,00
Dr.Schumacher Black Label Potstill Brandy  5year R 310.00 R 3720,00
Dr.Schumacher Blue Label Potstill Brandy  10year R 410.00 R 4920,00
Write the number of bottles you want in the box on the right side and click to proceed to payment. You may mix any products in one case. Remember 1 bottle of grappa takes the space of 2 wine bottles. 3 brandy takes the space of 4 wines. We are a small company and all orders are still handled by the owner himself.
*unfortunately not available outside South Africa


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Willi und Katrin Sauer
Kreuzberger Weg 40
94481 Grafenau
Tel/Fax:08552 974255
Mobil: 0170 2884950

Arvinum GmbH
Franziska Wüthrich & André Kägi
Harschwendi 1005
CH-9104 Waldstatt
Tel. +41.71.351.4906
Fax +41.71.351.5987

Klein Karoo Potstill Brandy
Shop 3 Jasmynplaas Producte, Jan Smuts Avenue Neerhof
Ifafi 0260 (Haartebeespoort Dam)
tel: 082-8961313

GPS: 33°38'811" S 19°02'531" E
Tel: +27 (0)21 873-2262 | Fax +27 (0)86 619-9398 | P.O.Box 622, Wellington 7654, R.S.A.

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